Interview Week Overview

Interview Week Schedule

The Co-op Program makes every effort to have the final interview schedule emailed to interviewers a week prior to the on-campus interview week. Last minute changes to the interview schedule are difficult to accommodate due to the logistics involved in scheduling. Email the Co-op Program immediately if a change is needed.


Interviews are held in the basement of Lind Hall, Suite 5, at the CSE Career Center. The map shows the location of Lind Hall (207 Church Street) and the two closest parking ramps: Church Street Garage and Washington Avenuse Parking Ramp.  More directions and parking information can be found here.

Lind Hall

Daily Timetable

Interview are held from 8 a.m-11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m. Employer representatives are invited to join the Co-op staff for a catered lunch from a local campus restaurant (11:30 am-12:30 pm.). 

Interview Sessions

There are ten interview slots per room per day. Each morning and afternoon consists of five 30-minute interviews, with a 15-minute break between interviews for students and employers to process the previous interview and prepare for the next. The interview time slots are set by the Co-op Program and are the same for all of the interview rooms.

Students who miss an interview without notification will not be considered in the matching process. 

Maximizing Interviewing Success

In addition to evaluating the job candidates, you will need to sell yourself in order to get on the students' hiring preference lists, as many students will have 5 or more interviews.  Some suggestions:

  • Have both a Human Resources representative as well as an engineering manager at the interview. This allows one interviewer to concentrate on "selling" the position and the other to evaluate the student's ability to fill the position.
  • Although you cannot make a direct offer in the interview, you can let the student know of company perks the student will be able to enjoy.
  • If your position is out-of-town or a long commute, a commuting or housing stipend will encourage the student to more seriously consider your position.

Outside Interviews

Employers may schedule follow-up interviews or interview students who were not included in the on-campus schedule, at any time up until the students' hiring preference list is due.

To schedule an additional interview, the employer should contact the student directly (copying in the Co-op Program) to set up a time and determine how the interview will take place (e.g., phone, on-campus, on-site). The Co-op Program can reserve an on-campus room for the interview if the employer would like to conduct these interviews on campus.

Employers are not obligated to interview students who didn't participate in the interview week; for instance, students who were out-of-town during the spring break interview week.

Participation in the Co-op Program requires employers to allow the Co-op Program to complete the matching process of students and employers. Employers are not allowed to make direct offers to a student outside of the matching process.

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