Interview Preference Form

Student Applications

About one week after the Co-op Job Fair, student resumes and applications will be available for viewing via a website link. Some employers have prerequisites such as GPA, citizenship status, and relocation preferences, and this information can be found on the first page of the student application.

GPA and Transfer Students

The University's cumulative GPA does not give a complete picture of a transfer student's academic abilities. The University's GPA only includes the classes taken at the University. Transfer students have taken their lower division courses at other institutions; they fulfill University course requirements but those grades are not included in the University's cumulative GPA. Two students could have the same upper division GPA but the transfer student's cumulative GPA may be lower than the student who only attended the University, because the lower division grades are not included in the transfer student's cumulative GPA.

Interview Preference Form

After reviewing the student applications, fill out the Interview Preference Form by the due date (see the calendar on the Home Page). During this same time, students complete a preference form to indicate the employers with which they would like to interview.

The Co-op Office uses this information to set up interview schedules, based on the employer's interview preferences and the students' interview preferences. About half of the employer's interview schedule consists of students they requested; the remainder of the schedule consists of students who requested to interview with that employer.

This scheduling process has proven to be an effective one as, historically, employers have found that they have wanted to hire 40% of the students who were not on their original interview preference list and many of those students were their number one choice on their hiring preference list.

Interview Schedule Overview

The Co-op staff does its best to schedule the interviews to satisfy all parties. Only students who meet the employer requirements will be scheduled to interview with that employer. Students can have as few as one interview and as many as twelve, depending on the number of employers and students participating in that particular interview period. Sometimes the Co-op Program has to cap the number of interviews a student can have, so when that number is reached they will not be scheduled for any more interviews.

It is important to note that by submitting the Interview Preference Form, employers agree to interview any student who meets the criteria stated on that form. The students often premise their application to the Co-op Program on this information, and it is a great disservice to them and the Co-op Program to default after students are on board.

Employers who aren't willing to interview qualified students not on their preference list will not be allowed to participate in the program.

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