Hiring Preference Form

Matching Students With Employers

After all of the interviews are completed, employers generate a list of students they would would be willing to hire (and this list can include more students than the employer has open positions for), and students list which employers they would like to work for. Both of these lists should be created in the order of preference. The Co-op Program is then responsible for matching students with employers using a matrix placement process based on how students and employers have ranked each other.

As far as possible, the highest preferences of employers and students will be matched. The matching begins with the student's first choice and the employer's first choice to see if there is a match; then, matching 1 to 2 rankings and working on down until all possible matches have been made. The employer and student will not be matched unless they are both on each other's preference list.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to give everyone his or her first choice as sometimes there are cases where several employers request the same student. If all the requests cannot be met, the Co-op Program tries to be as fair as possible, but employers and students are not guaranteed a match. We have found this system creates the fairest and most matches, both for students and employers.

The Co-op Program's Matrix Matching System has about a 75% placement rate, versus a 40% placement rate when the Direct Offer System was used. We found with the Direct Offer System many students turned down offers hoping to hear from their number one company and employers stopped sending out offer letters after receiving 2 or 3 rejections. In addition, this process took quite a bit of time.

The matches are sent out via email about 10 days after the Hiring Preference List is due.

Hiring Preference List Instructions

List, in order of preference, all of the students you are willing to hire for your open positions. You can (and should, if possible!) list more students than you have positions for. The more students you list that you are willing to hire, the more likely a match will be made.

Submit the online Hiring Preference Form by the deadline stated on the calendar.

Employers do not always find a student they wish to hire, and not all students will find an employer that will hire them. (There might be more positions than students available, or more students than positions, or perhaps a satisfactory match cannot be made.) If you did not find a student you would like to hire, please check the appropriate box on the preference form. This tells the Co-op office that you did not forget to submit the form and will facilitate the matching process.

Please double check with your Human Resources Department about the number of students you are able to hire before submitting your list. More than once, when supervisors have sought the offer letter from HR, they have discovered new hiring constraints instituted after registering for Interview Week at the beginning of the semester. This does a disservice to the Co-op student, who might have been matched with another employer, but now must delay the Co-op experience a semester and go through the interview process again.

Do not request matches with more students than you can hire; this is a serious disservice to the "matched" students who discover too late that they are not really matched.

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