Required Co-op Courses

Students in the Co-op Program must register for one of the three Co-op courses (3041, 4043W, 4044) each working semester. Students are not allowed to participate in the Co-op Program without taking the Co-op courses.

Technical Elective Credits

The number of technical elective credits earned through the Co-op Program depends on the number of semesters you work with your Co-op employer.

  • The first course and third courses, 3041 and 4044, are worth two credits.
  • The second course, 4043W, is writing intensive and is worth four credits.
  • The classes must be taken in sequence, i.e. 3041 followed by 4043 followed by 4044.
  • The Co-op courses are REQUIRED for all Co-op students.

Students must complete at least the 2-semester sequence (3041 and 4043W, 6 credits) to receive the technical elective credits. Ideally, students complete a third semester of work (4044) for a total of 8 credits.

Students who work only one semester and take only the first course will not receive any usable technical elective credits. The credits will revert to general elective credits.

Course Grades

Co-op grades are based on the coursework (writing, professionalism, etc). Good performance on the job, while required, is not considered in assigning a grade for the course. More details can be found in the course syllabi (click on the links in the table below).

Incomplete Grades

Receiving an incomplete grade jeopardizes a student’s continuation in the program.

Getting an Incomplete grade in 3041 or 4043W means that it will not be possible to register for the next course in the Co-op sequence until the incomplete has been satisfied. In other words, 3041 must be successfully completed before registering for 4043W, and both 3041 and 4043W must be completed before registering for 4044.

Course Summaries

The sequence of the Co-op courses cannot be altered.

  • Co-op courses must be taken concurrently with the work experience
  • Registration may not be delayed, nor may the class be taken before or after the work term.
  • You cannot take two Co-op courses in the same semester.

It is not possible to take a full course load during a Co-op work semester, although some students do take an additional evening or online course.

  • If you want to take two or more courses, in addition to the Co-op course, during any work term, you need to get permission from the Co-op Director.

All of the coursework instruction will be conducted through the course's Moodle site. The Moodle course site will become live a few weeks before the start of the semester, if you'd like to get a jumpstart on the coursework.

Co-op Courses Description


(2 credits)


  • Initial short assignments and an on-campus workshop
  • Summary of an article in a technical journal
  • Preliminary report (carefully written draft of a descriptive report)
  • Final 8- to 11-page descriptive report

(4 credits)


  • Initial short assignments and an on-campus workshop
  • Summary of an article in a technical journal
  • Preliminary report (carefully written draft of a design report)
  • Final 20- to 24-page final design report
Optional 3rd semester

(2 credits)


  • On-campus workshop
  • Technical PowerPoint presentation (15 to 20 minutes)
  • Reflection paper about Co-op experience


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