Newly Hired Students

Students are hired by an employer, either through the Co-op Interview Week or as a direct hire. Below are the steps newly hired students need to follow. Direct hire students will start at #2.

1. Co-op Match Letter from Interview Week

Please note that the Co-op Match letter is not a Job Offer letter, but the start of the job offer process. The employer you have been matched with will send you an offer letter with salary, employment start date, etc, or possibly an Intent to Hire letter if you are working the following semester. You will then decide if you will accept or decline the offer. Please contact the Co-op Program first before you decline an offer, in case we are able to offer assistance. Declining an offer at this point often means you have denied another student the opportunity at a preferred position.

  • You should receive a job offer letter or intent-to-hire letter within 2 weeks of receiving your Co-op Match letter. If you haven't, then contact the Co-op Program and we will assist you.
  • DO NOT drop any classes, purchase a car, sign a lease, or conduct any other major action related to the job until you have received and accepted the job offer. Occasionally a match does not work out or has to be declined for some reason.

Health Insurance Policy

To participate in the Co-op Program, you must be either on the U's student health benefit plan or be insured privately. Read more at the Co-op's Health Insurance Guide.

2. Job Status Form

  • After you have accepted (or declined) a job offer, you need to submit the Job Status Form as soon as possible.

3. Register for the Required Coursework

4. International Students

International students, be sure to read the section on the required CPT authorization you need. You will not be able to begin employment until the CPT authorization is in hand. It is crucial to allow sufficient time for completing this process!